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20070312-1927/ initial mirror  
20070313-2153/ gasoline_uuu891 page found, removed video for Survivalism  
20070315-0805/ new case file from JOCF added  
20070316-0813/ tumbrel_ad44us page found, added CSS-based image grabbing to crawler  
20070318-2134/ wretched_ypq2qq page found (Chicago listening party buttons)  
20070322-0941/ bitter, wetwork, and fratricide pages found from buttons  
20070323-0826/ five new Mailstrom pages (atropine, corrida, slander, flense, pliers)  
20070325-1609/ Survivalism PDF, anotherversionofthetruth-revisionism  
20070327-1450/ ThePriceOfTreason, OpenSourceResistance, Mailstrom 
20070328-1533/ more Mailstrom 
20070408-1548/ 5 new Mailstrom (all found now?), GraceTheTeacher, FreeRebelArt, RedHorseVector 

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