About This Site

This site is a fan-created resource to help catalog the websites, media, and other information surrounding the Year Zero alternate reality game (ARG). After the 2007 ARGfest talks, we realized that there is a hole in both the game designer and community resources, namely: archives. There are a number of older games for which the domains have expired and whose content is now, for all practical purposes, lost forever. For instance, both I Love Bees and Last Call Poker were developed by 42 Entertainment for clients. While 42 holds the website code, the client owns the domain and intellectual property, putting 42 in a sticky situation if they release anything. While the I Love Bees site is still up, Last Call Poker has since disappeared.

In light of this, I personally (and, in general, the community at large) are big enough fans of both Nine Inch Nails and ARG-like experiences to want to archive everything for the future. The main purpose of this site is to mirror the "in-game" Year Zero sites, including "hidden" pages as well as mirroring pictures and files from real-life events: flyers, the content of USB drives, etc.

This site is not designed to be the absolute latest cutting-edge discoveries in the game. Check the links page and go to the forums or chat for that. We may be a day or two behind here, but we will have a comprehensive catalog of sites, pictures, media, etc. in a single place, in an easy to find format.

If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, or additions, please contact me: BrianEnigma in IRC or brian x_at_x netninja x_dot_x com in email.

This is a fan-created resource