This is a picture of a mural in London, England, before it was stolen. Besides being incredibly cool to look at, it was inspired by some scary shit on the web. There are a growing number of artists and scientist I know who have had someone tip them off to a series of very disturbing URLs.

Maybe you see your name in one, or a bit of a painting, or you find a fragment of a lyric that you havenít even recorded yet, and it makes you sit up and take notice.

Look, we all know this but we donít KNOW this: if we donít get off our asses, in fifteen years this might be a world where we donít want to live.

Content: You care about something: global warming, election fraud, book banning, civil rights. Youíve made an issue ad, a cool Flash movie, a bumper sticker, an animated GIF. Or whatever. You sent it to your friends, but you think itís cool and want to get it in front of more people. Send it to me.

If it passes the exacting standards of the selection committee (meaning, if I think itís cool and Iím not so swamped with regular life that I donít get to it) Iíll post it. Thatís an archive of content.
Platforms: You have a website, a small press, a job at the local copy center. Youíre a DJ or a librarian or a mailroom guy at a big company. You want to help get subversive stuff out into the world but when you try to think of a good idea, your head hurts.

Pull stuff from the site and put it out there. Thatís a publishing network. (And if youíve got a connection, for instance you think you can slip something into a major newspaper, tell me!)

Obviously, if we get a chance to slip something into a real world network, you need to own the image. You can argue the copyright laws pro and con, but frankly, if Iím going to get fined or jailed, I want it to be for my crimes, not yours. I have a lead on some print opportunities. If you have a message that might work in a magazine or newspaper, own the image and build camera-ready art (vector or 300 dpi). Please submit 72 dpi art for review and posting on the website Ė Iíll contact you personally if camera-ready art is required.

ďAccording to Harperís, we could have ratified the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and complied with all their requirements for the same amount of money we have already spent on the Iraq War. How do you wish those tax dollars had been spent? Which of those things would have had a greater impact of your childís quality of life?"

Awareness leads to action. Knowledge is a weapon. SAY SOMETHING. Put it somewhere.

ďDo girls really matter that much less than boys? And hey, do you feel safer about living in a world with an extra 200 million teenage guys that canít get laid?"

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